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From one bread to 5 bakeries

Arandas Jalisco

Arandas Bakery comes from a strong, deep tradition of delicious and authentic Mexican pastries and desserts. Through the years we have used are traditional recipes that come from the depths of Mexico. Our name, Arandas, comes from the small town name of Arandas in the state of Jalisco, which is about 140 kilometers East of Guadalajara. This is where our family is from, and where our traditions began.

Arandas Franchises Corporation began as Taqueria Arandas. Once that Taqueria Arandas had grown, we began to think about expanding into the bakery business. This came as the result of a lack of good Mexican bakeries that could produce great bread for our delicious tortas. As we began to develop this idea we went ahead and decided to go public with it. Therefore, we opened our first bakery on Airline in June of 1993. After much continued success, the second bakery was opened on Beechnut in July of 1994. The third bakery opened in Southeast Houston in July of 1996, the fourth bakery opened off 59 North in August of 2002 and the fifth bakery opened in Conroe in 2011. As the demands of the customers grew, each bakery expanded at least once, and all four are now in their state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot facility to better serve their customers, open seven days a week every day of the year except Good Friday.

We are an authentic, Mexican bakery that makes everything from scratch. We buy nothing made or use anything frozen .We do not use preservatives or anything that is imitation. We only use the real and best tasting ingredients so that when you bite into one of our pastries, you can taste the difference. When you come into our bakeries, it is just like in Mexico. You take a tray and some tongs and you pick your own bread. This way you choose which one you want.

We have definitely grown throughout the years, but we owe it all to you, the customer. In gratitude, we will continue to serve you in the best way, with the best product. So step out of your daily routine and step in with us where you can feel you are back in Mexico. For some it is a childhood memory, for others it is a new concept. Welcome to Arandas Bakery!

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