Arandas Bakery History

Arandas Bakery, an authentic Mexican panaderia, started as the first of its kind in Houston, TX. We pride ourselves in making delicious and traditional sweet bread, as well as specialty cakes and other baked goods, all from scratch and fresh daily. Our approach to business is 100% family oriented which is why we are proud to say that our four bakeries are owned by family members, all whom had a special connection with our founder, Jose Camarena.

Jose, an entrepreneur at heart and his wife Silvia, decided to open the doors of the first Arandas Bakery in June of 1993 on Airline Dr. with the hopes of being able to help out his parents who had moved to Houston from Mexico. They decided to venture into the baking industry in order to give his mother and father a better and more comfortable future. Together, Jose, his wife Silvia, and their three daughters, Lizbeth, Judy, and Gladys worked arduously to make the bakery prosper, a task they were able to achieve by providing quality products from the start. Jose's parents still own this branch, which is now being run by their daughter and her family.

In 1994, a year after the first bakery was opened, and because of the community acceptance it had achieved, our founder decided to invite his uncle Jesus to join him in the project. Tio Chuy, as Jose referred to him, had a very influential figure in his upbringing, which is why he wanted to help improve his future. Jesus, at the time, was working as a waiter in Beverly Hills, California and had a family of his own. After careful consideration, and a little push by the 1994 California earthquake, Jesus decided to relocate to Houston, where he hoped to offer a better life for his wife and kids. In July 1994, the second Arandas Bakery was opened in southwest Houston, currently located on Beechnut Street, Jesus and his son Ricardo still own and operate this location.

Today, Arandas Bakery has six locations throughout the Houston area, and distributes bread all over the nation through their national distribution partners.

At Arandas Bakery we are thankful for our employees and our customers. We respect and honor the place we have been given in your homes and promise to give you the best of our culture through out traditions and hard work, while maintaining the integrity of our products; baking everything fresh daily.