Order Mexican Bread for Distribution

Arandas Bakery is pleased to offer our popular Mexican bread for distribution. Our bread, made fresh from scratch using natural ingredients with no preservatives, is distributed nationwide.  If you would like to partner with Arandas Bakery or want more details, we invite you to contact us to receive distributor access.

Corporate Box A

Available for 1-5 People

Contact us to place an order.

12-Piece Box


Cheese Empanada

Pineapple Empanada

Pineapple Taco


Cinnamon Croissant


Butter Croissant

Tricolor Cookie

Vanilla Cookie

M&M Cookie

Corporate Box B

Available for 10-15 People

Contact us to place an order.

24-Piece Box

Vanilla Concha

Pumpkin Empanada

Guava Empanada

Strawberry Taco


Snail Shell with Cream Cheese


Horn with Cheese

Strawberry Cookie

Watermelon-Shaped Cookie

Sprinkles Cookie

Corporate Box C

Available for 15-30 People

Contact us to place an order.

48-Piece Box

Chocolate Concha

Sweet Potato Empanada


Cheese Taco


S’s with Cream Cheese


Small Cake with Pecans

Chocolate Cookie


Torta Bread

Tres Leches Vanilla

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Tres Leches Chocolate

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Tres Leches Neapolitan

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Chocolate Rollo

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Caramel Rollo

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Strawberry Rollo

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Flour Tortillas

Wheat Tortillas

Corn Tortillas

Pork Tamales

Chicken Tamales